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Discover the wonderful Ecuador and its four worlds with Intisamay Tours.

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Have you asked yourself about what makes you to travel, to visit other places, to discover other new worlds? If your answer is to GET CONNECTION with people, their culture, their traditions, their dreams and their desires while enjoying magic natural landscapes, your travel destination is Ecuador, a tiny country crossed by the equator line that is located in South America. Enjoy safety and high quality service while falling in love visiting its unique four natural worlds. Ready for starting in Quito or Guayaquil!


You can stand up in north and south hemispheres at the same time.
It has an ideal weather during 365 days of the year.
It is considered a vertical country, because in few hours we can go from the sea level to the high lands of the Andes.
In just 256.370 km2, it has 4 natural regions with unique characteristics, which are considered 4 diferent worlds: Galapagos, Coast, Andes and Amazon.
It is the Andes King’s home, the Condor. It is represented in its coat of arms.
It has 7 icons which are Heritage of the Humanity: Qhapaq Ñan (The Inca’s Path, in Kichwa), Quito, Galapagos, Cuenca, Sangay National Park, Zapara lenguage and Paja Toquilla Hats.
It has six reserves of Biosphere: Galapagos National Park, yasuní National Park, Sumaco-Napo Galeras National Park, El Condor-Podocarpus National Park, El Cajas Massif and Dry Forest.
Chimborazo, which is the highest mountain around the world, even Everest, if it is measure from the center of the Earth.
Cotopaxi is the second highest volcano of the world.
It has one of the two habited craters around the world; it is the Pululahua active volcano.
Every year the humpback whales visit its coast from the Antarctica, between July and September.
It has 5 products declared with origin denomination; it means that they are exclusively Ecuadorians. They are Montecristi’s hats, Galapagos’ coffee, the best cocoa around the world known as “Cacao arriba”, Transkutukú peanut and Palora’s pitahaya.
Flower farms which has the most beautiful roses around the world.
The Yasuní National Park is one of the most bio-diverse place of the planet, because it has more biodiversity of vegetal species per square kilometer than the whole United States territory.

Cheer you to discover these and much more interesting reasons while visit this natural and cultural Paradise.

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