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A majestic colonial town that offers to its guest the incredible opportunity to straddle the equator, the very center of the earth, placing a foot in each of the two hemispheres at the same time while enjoying its cultural richness, its tasty gastronomy and its natural environments. Ready for landing in the door to go to the magic Amazon Region, the peaceful Coast Region, the gorgeous Andes Region and the enchanted islands, Galapagos.


It was Quitus-Caras’ home. They were the ancient inhabitants of the Middle of the World. Their knowledge determined that this territory is crossed by the equator line long time before than the French Geodesic Mission did it.
It is located in the 00º 00’00’’ latitude.
It is the second highest capital around the world with 2810masl.
Its downtown shows the syncretism between the Indigenous and Spanish Cultures represented in the religious, cultural and gastronomic aspects.
It has the highest and best conserved Old Town of Latin America with 320hectares. Here it is possible to observe churches, convents and other eccentric buildings which join perfectly the Spanish and Indigenous style.
It is known as “The light of America” because it was the first to emancipate of Spain’ Crown for three months, sowing the liberty seed of Latin America.
It was the first city to be declared Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1978.

Every year celebrate the Jesús del Gran Poder Catholic procession, a big celebration where the traditions and believes of a Catholic town express.
The drag of Caudas, a Roman Empire tradition adopt by the Catholic religion in the Colonial period to pay homage to Jesus Christ. It is only conserved in Sevilla and Quito.

It was Oswaldo Guayasamin’s home. He was an Ecuadorian famous painter, drawer, sculptor, graphic artist and muralist.

Cheer you to discover these and other interesting reasons while visiting this Colonial city and its surroundings.

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